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Professor of A.R.N.I.S USA Alejandro N. Elias


At the age of 12 Alex began his long journey into to the world of Martial Arts in Yuma AZ.
1973 - 1975 Kenpo Karate, Joe Henry Optimist Center. Jim Miller and Richard Miller (not related)
1975-1978 Yuma Boxing Club Yuma AZ.
Billy Ortega and Billy Mendez
1978- 1980 Korean Martial Arts
4th dan black belt Mr. Suppie Chong Yi
1980-1994 Chinese Internal Martial arts
Hsing I chuan Five elements, Twelve Animals system
Iron Palm, Iron Shirt and Iron broom.
Began Kajukenbo and kodenkan Judo in 1981 Met Sijo Adriano D. Emperado and soon there after became directly under Sijo Emperado.
In the course of my training in the Emperado system I learned Muay Thai boxing, ponontukan, Pononjokman boxing, Arnis, Pekiti-Tersia and Tai Chi chuan Yang system.
1990-1993 Instructor A.R.N.I.S USA
Master Sam C. Tendencia.
1993-1995 Promoted 6th dan red and white belt at sijo Emperado's house in san diego,CA.

Gracie jiu-jistu in torrance,CA
Grand master Helio and Goyce Gracie
1995-2004 MMA competitor representing Elias Martial Arts Institute
Douglas Az and New York City New york
Guro under Professor. Greg Allend
Pekiti Tersia , Kali silat, Palit palit
Master Mantak chia of Tailand.
Iron shirt chi gong, Chi Ne Tsong, Tai Chi Chuan Yin system, cosmic inner smile Chi Gong.
2008- Promoted Guro by Tendencia’s Council of Disciples.
2011- Promoted to Professor 8th dan red belt with black trim in the Kajukenbo system
Under Grand Master Gerry Scott of Hawaii.
2011- Granted Professor of A.R.N.I.S USA by Tendencia’s Council of Disciples.
Present day teaching children Chi Gong and Meditation.