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From the Council

"I don't feel like training"

ARNIS Tendencia council and the Martial arts community,

Greetings all,

I am sure that we have all felt like or heard that before. Here is something to think about.

 I saw a special on CNBC about prison. They were interviewing "prison gang" members. Of course there is a pecking order. But what I found most shocking was that these supposed "punks and thugs" are highly trained in hand to hand combat. Where to stab, how to stab, etc. They have to show proficiency before moving up in the gang ranks,
The other thing that I saw and heard was that these "tactics" are taught to the low level street members.
So the next time you or anyone is "too tired" or it is "too late" or whatever excuse, Just know that these "gang" members are practiced and they are disciplined.
 I am mainly talking to myself,

 Practice hard...train to perfect.

Be safe,

 Randy G. Pizarro

ARNIS Tendencia TM

Belated Thank you to all:
We at ARNIS Tendencia appreciate all of the support,
Master Sam spoke highly of alot of you in the martial arts community,
Mr "Judo" Gene LeBell - Master Sam often talked of him, always in the highest regard as Judo Gene is also a Master of the Kodokan Academy.
Mr Cass Magda, The Magda institute Reseda Ca.
Mr Rorian and Royce Gracie - Gracie Academy Torrance Ca, "Master Grappler's"
Mr Eric Knauss and "The DOG BROTHERS" - "Very Skillful"
Mr. Burton Richardson also of the "DOG BROTHERS" - also a good "Arnis player"
Mr. Jason Autajay - ("How is the shoulder?") Master Sam often spoke of him when doing Hilot. Your father and my Uncle guided me to Master Sam. My brother and I are ever indebeted to you.
Sikh Paul - "Move your feet Paul" Paul E-mail me if you read this.
Mr. Arthur Diller - "one of the fastest Arnis players Sam ever taught" Contact me Arthur if you read this.
Mr. Alfred Haber - "a good friend and good man"
Mr. Dan Inosanto - Sam often spoke of Dan, Sam always said "Dan needs more practice"
Mr. Mike Jones (Dana Point) Mike you once asked me the question "What is the counter?" I now understand what you were asking me.
Please support them as they support our art.
I will be adding more names as they come up. But a huge thank you to you all.
Randy G. Pizarro
ARNIS Tendencia TM

Latest news: 07/06/09
We are working on our line of ARNIS Tendencia TM "branded sticks".
These sticks will be custom made to order by Maestro N. David Guillory in the traditional Tendencia hand fashion, In addition these sticks will have the ARNIS Tendencia TM brand on them.
Please feel free to enquire,
Contact: Maestro Guillory (850)543-9517 cell
Randy Pizarro
ARNIS Tendencia TM
Holiday News
Arnis Community
I hope that this note finds you all well,
Maestro Guillory will be visiting in California 12/18/09 to 12/22/09. It will be great to see Nap again.
Master Sam is doing as well as can be expected. He is still weak but I am told he can get up and around a little better.
We plan to do some practicing and hope that you all will do the same.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you all
Arnis Tendencia TM
News 10-5-09
Master Sams' condition
This past Saturday I finally got to see my old Master. I heard all of the rumors about Alzheimers and Dementia and so on. It had been 16 years since I had seen him and we did not part on the best of terms. I did not expect him to recognize me let alone say anything to me.
When I entered the room Maestro Felix was already there helping Sam to stand up. Master Sam is noticiably weak and needs help to stand and walk.
Master Sam looked at my brother and I, and then called us each by name and said in a very clear voice "Mind your positions!" which is what he used to say before we were going to practice.
As soon as I get the photos, I will be putting them on the site.
I showed Sam our Old Judo photo and he was smiling, I asked him if he knew where this was? He shook his head and said "yes" and he laughed. So many memories came flooding back, As I sat with my old Master I noticed all of his little ticks and quirks, Like the fact that he does not like ice in his water and that he always drank from a real glass.
Master Sam now gets tired easily so his visiting time is limited. Other than that he is doing as well as can be expected.
I will be visiting again soon,
Train hard and train to perfect,
ARNIS Tendencia (TM)

Instructor Alejandro N. Elias Bio:
Long awaited and finally completed. The Bio sheet for Instructor Mr. Alejandro N. Elias is up. More will be added as it is verified. As you can see Guro Elias is a very well rounded martial artist and a definite asset to all of us here at ARNIS Tendencia (TM).
We here at ARNIS Tendencia (TM) give Mr. Elias our full confidence and support in being able to answer,address and provide for all his students Martial Arts/Self Defense needs.
Best to you all
Practice hard and train to perfect.
Randy G. Pizarro
ARNIS Tendencia (TM)

Hello again...
 I hope this note finds you all well. It has been a while since we here at Arnistendencia have posted anything. All I can say is that life gets in the way. Really, I have had a couple of large automotive projects take up alot of my time. Fast forward to today. In the recent months I, like alot of you look at facebook and you tube for the goings on in the Martial Arts world. I see ALOT of different styles and alot of ways to "Defend yourself". Martial Arts are growing in popularity. It is great to see people taking responsibility for their own safety and refusing to be a victim. On the other side there are those that would rather leave their personal safety to someone else.
You see, our Freedom was not Free. Our Freedom was paid for at very high price. Our veterans and members of our armed forces paid and still pay this price everyday. We owe it to them to be the best we can be.
In closing America was not meant to be safe, America was meant to be free. Personal safety is our own responsibility.
Train hard,
ARNIS Tendencia