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New ARNIS Tendencia Logo

2009 ARNIS Tendencia Logo (TM)2009ArnisTendenciaLogo.jpgJune 9, 2009

To the Martial Arts community
I would like to present our new ARNIS Tendencia Logo. The back ground behind this design was to find a message, phrase or symbol that embodied our founders spirit, strength and vitality. 
I researched many other designs and could find nothing suitable. While viewing some pictures of my old Master I saw something in the background. I noticed that Master Sam had his signature on the wall.
I then thought what a more fitting tribute to the man that means so much to me. So, from this day forward ARNIS Tendencia will be recognized by "OUR" new Logo.
Manong Randy G. Pizarro
ARNIS Tendencia (TM)
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Latest News 10/05/09
As of the above date Master Sam Tendencia has the "original" copy of the ARNIS Tendencia(TM) logo.
Rest easy my friend and godspeed to you,
ARNIS Tendencia (TM)
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