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The 4th Council Member

Introducing Maestro Felix Perezchica the 6th Disciple of Supreme Master Samson C. Tendencia and the 4th member of the council.

S. Master Sam & Guro Felix 1992

Maestro Felix Perezchica
Circa 2009

       Felix Perezchica started training under Master Sam in the 1980's and continued to the mid 90's. Felix Perezchica is and always was a member of the A.R.N.I.S. Tendencia Council of Disciples. It took Maestro Nap. months after the site was up and days after the charter was signed to find him. He is every much a member of the council.Good to hear from you Felix!
   Master Sam and I would take the Greyhound Bus and or catch rides with Randy and Renny to Guro Felix's house to train Judo, A.R.N.I.S. and to cook some awesome chicken Adobo, all weekend long. These trips to Felix's house would happen three to four times a year. 

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