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From the Council

Special Thanks 4/01/2010
Thank you so much GM Narrie Babao for the picture of you Master Sam and Dan. Even though I have never met you personally and Mang Sam always spoke fondly of you. I post your pic proudly, It is my honor,
Randy Pizarro
ARNIS Tendencia TM

Arnis Supreme Master Samson C. Tendencia
08/24/1920 - 05/23/2010

06/03/2010 Latest News 
As you may have read from the "Latest News" it is true that Master Sam has passed on, This site is dedicated to keeping his legacy and memory alive. Master Sam is going to be given a military heros' funeral and then cremated. His ashes will rest in the Tendencias' family home in the Philippines.
This closes the door on 31years of history for me. Now it is up to myself and the ARNIS Tendencia TM disciples to carry on the legacy of the man that gave us so much.
I will continue with Master Sams' fundamentals in ARNIS as these are "war" proven techniques. I have heard by "some" that these techniques are plain and simple. Master Sam drilled us on the basics, Block, Check, Strike, Footwork,footwork,footwork.
Early on in my ARNIS career, I was fortunate enough to have trained many military, police and security personnel with the Supreme Master. He would also "prove" his technique by an "exchange of views" I did many of these exchange sessions. So I also know these techniques work.
I have had the chance to ask The Supreme Master MANY times "Sam, is this what you did in the war?"
Each time the answer was "yes" or "of course" or "Oh how many times I..."
Master Sam was a proud man to have served his country, but he NEVER boasted at how many men he had to put down in battle. He did tell the story but he always added how lucky I was that god spared me from having to do what he did.
I hope this sheds a little light on the man that many say they know but really know nothing about.
Any questions feel free to e-mail me
Practice does not make perfect, It is perfect practice that makes perfect
Randy G. Pizarro
ARNIS Tendencia TM

We are in the process of updating the pictures of Master Sam. To the former students, If you have any pictures that you would like placed on the site. Please e-mail them to me with a short description and I will gladly post it. Also about the e-mails and calls from former students concerning training. Not a problem, I just have to schedule it in. I do not have a "formalized' training schedule as of yet, But I will of course help any of you that are asking.
Randy G. Pizarro
ARNIS Tendencia TM

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