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Samson C. Tendencia Lineage

A.R.N.I.S. USA 1969 – 1994

ARNIS Supreme Master Samson Tendencia
3/21/2010 San Diego CA
Sam Tendencia/ Nap./Chris Tendencia
Dec. 08
Randy, Renny and Master Sam
Judo practice 1989 The beginning
Randy, Renny and Master Sam
Cass Magda institute 1990, This picture still hangs in Master Sam's room
S. Master Sam & Nap 1994
S. Master Sam & Felix
Seminar Palm Spings, CA. 1980ish
ARNIS Tendencia
Randy, Nap, Renny and Alex
Maestro Nap and Guro Perezchicca
ARNIS Practice 2009
Master Sam's Grandson Issac Circa 2010
Future ARNIS Master
Master Sam and Dan
Circa 1975
Narrie Babao, Master Sam, and Dan Inosanto
Circa 1979, Sam always spoke fondly of Narrie and Dan

Left to Right: GM Sam Tendencia, GM Diony Canete,
Left to Right: GM Sam Tendencia, GM Diony Canete, Zena Sultana Babao,and Narrie Babao.

Master Sam lecturing about rattan
3/21/2010 San Diego CA
Master Sam at his craft
3/21/2010 San Diego CA
Master Sam Tendencia
Dec 2008
Master Sam, Randy & Renny
Yes Master Sam still makes sticks!
Renny, Master Sam & Randy
Sam waiting to practice
Supreme Master Samson Tendencia
Awarded as "A National living treasure" Circa 1993

  • Supreme Master Samson C. Tendencia
American Revised Native Institute of Stick-fighting - A.R.N.I.S. USA - Created by Master Samson C. Tendencia – 1969
Arnis de Mano - Age 7 - Ramondo Gallano (Iloilo Phillippines) – 1927
  • Trained both left and right handed
  • Undefeated
  • Rattan stick preparation
  • Corto Mano and Corto Mano Disarming

Arnis de Mano - Age 27 - Expert Master Moises Padilla (Iloilo City) - 1947 - 1949

  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Still in the Army (USAFFE)
Arnis de Mano – Age  - Lt. Deogracias Tipace (Manila Phillippines) – 1949 - 1951
  •  Largo Mano & Largo Mano disarming
  • Judo
  • Undefeated
  • Sam's son's Godfather.
  • Married Evangelina Del Mundo (B.S. in Education) Manila P.I. -  Sept. 1951

Camp General Nakar, Lucena City Philippines - 1952 - 1961

  • Taught Judo -Karate @ Luzonian University
  • Taught Judo/Arnis  Lucena City Police
  • Organized the "Bolo Battalion" among the Philippine Army soldiers and Police.
  • Honorable discharge from the Army
Kodokan Judo – (7th degree Red and White belt) – 1950 - 1954 
  • Direct Disciple of Kyuzo Mifune
  • Master Mifunes' personal "ping-pong" uke
Jujitsu – (9th degree Black belt)

Shorin-Ryu Karate (Naha Okinawa) – (4th degree Black belt)

  • Hilot / Shiatsu Massage and Bone setting
  • WW2 Veteran
  • 2nd Lieutenant US Army
  • Organized the "Lancer" Division US Armed Forces in the Far East
  • Distinguished Medal of Honor
  • American Liberation Medal
  • Recieved the General Douglas MacArthur Medal of Bravery
  • Who's Who in Law Enforcement
  • Bachlors Degree in Criminology Phillippine College of Criminology
  • Masters Degree in Physical Education University of Iloilo, Phillippines
  • S.W.A.T  Instructor Tuscon Arizona P.D.
  • First to present A.R.N.I.S. to the L.A.P.D. - Master Jose Calvento and Guro Dan Inosanto


  • Appointed 7 Disciples:

                Disciple #1 Master Jose Calvento – 1976 Deceased 1978

                Disciple #2 Master Narcisco “Chique” Calvento – 1978  Deceased 1992

                Disciple #3 Master Alfonso Calvento – 1978 Deceased 1991 

                Disciple #4 Randy G. Pizarro – 1980

                Disciple #5 Renny L. Pizarro – 1980

                Disciple #6 Felix Perezchica – 1985

                Disciple #7 Nap – 1991

      A.R.N.I.S USA 1969 as taught by Samson C. Tendencia is a style developed and proven in challenge matches and during WWII while battling the Japanese in guerilla warfare encounters. The training and applications of A.R.N.I.S USA are such that the practitioner will able to contain long, medium and short range distances using both stick and empty hand seamlessly. The tools of A.R.N.I.S USA include the single stick, bolo knife, knife, short stick and empty hands.  The training techniques stress development of key fundamental footwork, “live” check hand, essential distancing and timing in order to develop the power, speed, and accuracy necessary for an appropriate defense.

    Training methods include stick twirling, disarming while both armed and empty handed, joint locking and passing techniques focusing on the wrist, arm and shoulder.  Striking techniques incorporate punching, elbows, low-line kicking and knees. A.R.N.I.S USA also includes leg reaps, foot sweeps, throwing exercises, ground fighting capability with various leg and arm locks.

     Ranking in A.R.N.I.S Tendencia is divided into nine levels: Arnisador, Instructor3(Brown Belt),Instructor 2, Instructor 1, Instructor, Guro (Black belt), Maestro, Punong, Manong. Progression through the ranks is in most cases a matter of ability. As the practitioner progresses, they are required to develop a teaching and lecture style appropriate to convey the fundamental nature of A.R.N.I.S Tendencia.


    A.R.N.I.S USA – 1994 In 1994 Nap was promoted to Guro and was granted approval by Master Sam Tendencia to take charge A.R.N.I.S USA in order to continue to promote and teach the system. 

      A.R.N.I.S Tendencia(TM) – 2008 In 2008, with the blessing of Master Sam and Wife Evangelina, Nap renamed A.R.N.I.S USA to A.R.N.I.S Tendencia(TM) to honor the founder Samson C. Tendencia. In addition, a council for A.R.N.I.S Tendencia(TM) has been established to preserve the techniques and teaching standards set forth by Samson C. Tendencia. The council members consist of four Disciples elected and appointed by Master Sam Tendencia.  The four council members have demonstrated to possess the ability and maturity to continue to uphold the standards and promote the teaching of A.R.N.I.S Tendencia(TM).

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